Last Week: Mystery Photo and Video Poll Results.

Last week’s Mystery Monday photo:


was from the 1975-1976 season of TRACK.

Last week’s video poll results:

Castle Clip 2 was the winning video.


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Friday Photo of the Week Poll: Groups.

Welcome to the Friday Photo of the Week poll from The Archive!

This week, we’re featuring photos from the 1974 Summer Media production: Revenge of the Astrekynd.

Choose your favorite group photo:

1. Scowling. Revenge of the Astrekynd. 1974.


2. Peeking. Revenge of the Astrekynd. 1974.


3. Intriguing. Revenge of the Astrekynd. 1974.


If you haven’t seen it, Revenge of the Astrekynd is streaming on The Archive until Wednesday.

We also have a photo gallery for this film, so feel free to come on over and browse.

Polls close Monday. Results announced Monday.

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Poll and Mystery Photo Results Revealed.

Last week’s Photo of the Week winner:


Cool Riders. Phanotmos. 1977.

This photo can be found in this gallery:

Summermovie 1977 Photo Gallery

And the Mystery Photo results:


Whiplash II. 1982.

This photo can be found in this gallery:

Summermovie 1982 Photo Gallery

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Friday Poll: Bicycle Dreams. Phantomos. 1977.

Welcome to this week’s Friday poll!

All three photos are from the 1977 Cinekyd movie, Phantomos.

Choose the photo depicting the most creative bike usage.

IMG_14411.Cross Country. Phantomos. 1977.

IMG_14402.Slash. Phantomos. 1977.

IMG_1442.JPG3. Cool Riders. Phantomos. 1977.

If you liked these photos, we have a growing assortment from Summer ’77 in our photo collections. Feel free to stop by and browse.

We’re showing Phantomos in two parts at The Archive until Wednesday, January 27th. Come on over and watch this great movie!

Voting ends Monday. Results announced Monday.

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Mysteries Revealed.

The 12.18.2015 Photo of the Week winner was:


Saved the Day. Gargantua. 1981.

Last week’s mystery photo results:


This photo was part of FOUR productions created by Media students during Summermovie 1971.

There is a growing gallery of photos available in our collections. Come on over and take a look:

1971 Media Summer Productions Photo Gallery

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Photo of the Week: 12.18.2015

Here they are, the FOUR possible photos of the week.

Which one will it be?

That’s up to you.

Sum81071. Saved the Day. Gargantua. 1981.

Sum8102.jpg2. Cigar Box Surprise. Gargantua. 1981.

Sum8108.jpg3. Bow Tie Envy. Gargantua. 1981.

Sum8103.jpg4. Today’s Lesson: I’m Awesome. Gargantua. 1981.

Gargantua is our movie of the week. Stop over and see it. We also have a great start to the Summermovie 1981 Photo Gallery over at The Archive. Take a peek at terrific photos taken during production of this film.

Polls close Monday. Results announced Monday.

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More Mysteries Revealed.


The answer to last week’s Mystery Monday challenge and the Photo of the Week results are right here, Cinekyds.

Mystery Monday 12.7.2015 Answer:


1975: Secret of the Stone House.

Photo of the Week 12.11.2015 Poll Results:


The Wig and Soup’s On were the winning photos.

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