Friday Archive: CTT 95-96 Episode and Mystery Photo Reveal.

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We’ve added an episode of Cinekyd Theatre from the 1995-1996 season.

It was a Summermovie 1996 special episode – a behind-the-scenes of the feature Man with a Glass Eye that highlighted a fantastic visit from Good Day Philadelphia:

CTT 96-38







CTT 96-38

Mystery Photo

Stumped by this week’s Mystery Photo? We have the solution for you.


The Mystery Photo solution has been posted:

4.25.2016 Mystery Photo Solution


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Mystery and Poll Results: 2.15.2016-2.22.2016.

Last Week’s Results:

Mystery Photo 2.15.2016:


1969. Incident at Gettysburg.

Mystery Photo 2.22.2016


2003-2004 Tyro Photo Gallery. Spring, 2004. Tyro Car Wash.

2.19.2016 Poll Results :

A tie between Peanuts and Vacancy!

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2.15 Mystery and Poll Results

Mystery Monday 2.8.2016 Revealed

Last week’s Mystery Monday photo:


from this week’s Movie of the Week, produced during Summermovie 1983: Return of the Astrekynd.

2.12.2016 Poll Results

Last week’s Poll results:

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Mystery and Poll Results.

Last Week’s Mystery Tuesday Photo:

File_003 (1)

Revenge of the Astrekynd. 1974.

Poll Results:

Well folks, the results for last week’s poll are most interesting because … there weren’t any votes!

Therefore, all three photos receive an honorable mention:

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Mysteries Revealed.

The 12.18.2015 Photo of the Week winner was:


Saved the Day. Gargantua. 1981.

Last week’s mystery photo results:


This photo was part of FOUR productions created by Media students during Summermovie 1971.

There is a growing gallery of photos available in our collections. Come on over and take a look:

1971 Media Summer Productions Photo Gallery

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More Mysteries Revealed.


The answer to last week’s Mystery Monday challenge and the Photo of the Week results are right here, Cinekyds.

Mystery Monday 12.7.2015 Answer:


1975: Secret of the Stone House.

Photo of the Week 12.11.2015 Poll Results:


The Wig and Soup’s On were the winning photos.

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Mysteries Revealed.

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The Odyssey Through Time Photo of the Week winner for 12.4.2015:

In Your Face.


Last Week’s Mystery Monday photo was from 1984 Winner TRACK production: Horror Heroes of the Silver Screen.


Come on over and check out the other photos in the galleries that have been uploaded:

1984 Odyssey Through Time Photo Gallery

1984 Winter TRACK Photo Gallery

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