2017 Cinekyd Birthday Reunion.

Dear Summer Media, Cinekyds, and to all Friends:

We’re having a 2017 Cinekyd Birthday Reunion on Saturday, August 26th.

7PM to 11PM.

Dinner. DJ. Dancing.

Casual and fun.

North Penn VFW Post 676

2519 Jenkintown Road

Glenside, PA 19038

Details and updates can be found here, at the Archive website.

Please RSVP by August 11th at The Archive website here, or directly to our RSVPify page here.

The event is free and we hope you can join us.

If you have any questions, please send us a message using our form, click on any of our contact and social media links found here, or use our Facebook page.

Thank you so much to friends that have already responded!

Love, Becky



Summer 1975 Photo Gallery Updates.

We’ve added over 350 photos to the Summer Media Secret of the Stone House Photo Gallery:

Summermovie 1975 Photo Gallery

The brand new color photos, which are digitized slides, start at the middle of page 6 of the Secret of the Stone House photo gallery.

We’ve shared a preview here. Come on over and view the rest. See our downloading photos tutorial for guidance.

Please feel free to download, save, and share any and all photos in our galleries.

This photo album now has close to 1,000 photos. More additions coming soon.

These photos haven’t been viewed in decades.

Don’t miss this week’s movie:

Secret of the Stone House. 1975.

Click here to start from the beginning of this collection of photos:

Secret of the Stone House Photo Gallery


Have a great Thursday!

30 Years of Filmmaking: Retrospective Videos.

Today, we’re highlighting two unforgettable videos.

We’ve added a favorite retrospective video to The Archive.

It was a part of the collection before the website transition, and now it’s back, on the home page of The Archive.


30 Years of Filmmaking

This video is a collaboration of our most talented producers. The video was started in 1986 and shown at the very first Cinekyd Reunion Gala.

Updated and shown at the 1999 Cinekyd Gala, this 30-year retrospective video is an unforgettable walk down memory lane.

The commentary is hilarious and the nostalgic footage will tug at your heartstrings.

This video, as well as a growing collection of media, can also be found on Cinekyd’s 40th birthday page.

We also have another outstanding retrospective video:


2o Years of Filmmaking

It’s been a part of The Archive, but it’s so wonderful, we’re showcasing it once more.

This 20-year retrospective video was created in 1989 and is a treasure of memories.

Beautifully written, produced, and edited, it includes scenes and signs of the past that we wouldn’t otherwise have if not for this loving homage to the movie making pioneers.

It includes classic footage and in-depth interviews with staff, students, and friends that were a part of Summer Media and Cinekyd productions – from the beginning.

This video can be found in the 1988-1989 video collection, and on Cinekyd’s 40th birthday page.

Stay tuned for more special additions to the chronicles of Summer Media and Cinekyd.

Thanks for watching!

Movie Wednesday: 1971 Summer Media. American Folk Heroes and Horror Heroes.

Hello and welcome to Movie Wednesday!

Today we have an unbeatable film.

1971 Media Summer: 4 Productions:

Horror Heroes of the Silver Screen


Professionally restored and digitized for The Archive.

This film includes the following titles:

Jack Armstrong: The All-American Boy


The Shadow





We also have photos from the summer of ’71:

Media Summer 1971 Photo Gallery


Don’t miss this spectacular Summer Media event.

Enjoy your movie!

Happy 2016! Horror Hero Friday.

Horror Week combined with Hero Friday is a big deal over at The Archive.

Today, we’ve added two versions of a classic feature:


Horror Heroes of the Silver Screen (1971)



Horror Heroes of the Silver Screen (1984)

We also have photos of each of these productions:

Summer 1971 Photo Gallery


Winter TRACK 1984 Photo Gallery


We will return on Monday with more additions to Horror Week.

Check our calendar to give you an idea of what we will add each day!

Happy New Year!

Mysteries Revealed.

The 12.18.2015 Photo of the Week winner was:


Saved the Day. Gargantua. 1981.

Last week’s mystery photo results:


This photo was part of FOUR productions created by Media students during Summermovie 1971.

There is a growing gallery of photos available in our collections. Come on over and take a look:

1971 Media Summer Productions Photo Gallery

Thanks so much for voting. Have a wonderful week!