New Video. 1996: 20th Anniversary Gala.

On a brisk and rainy Friday night in autumn 1996 – students, along with their families, staff, board, and special friends – celebrated together at Cinekyd’s 20th Anniversary Gala at the opulent Caldwell Catering.

A night to remember – and it took place at a venue like no other.

It’s hard to believe it was almost 20 years ago.

A few treasured friends who attended Cinekyd’s ’96 Gala are no longer with us, and we remember them often and with great affection.

Today, we present this celebration in two parts. Don’t miss this memorable part of Cinekyd history.

Part 1:

Cinekyd 1996 Gala Part 1.


Part 2:

Cinekyd 1996 Gala Part 2.


1996-1997 Video Collection.

Be sure to come over and view this and the entire 1996-1997 video collection.

More videos on the way.


1996 20th Anniversary Gala:

A few of the many memorable moments.


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