Movie Wednesday. Secret of the Stone House.

Movie Wednesday has arrived.

This week’s movie:

Secret of the Stone House. 1975.


The Secret of the Stone House photo gallery includes the following brand new, color photographs that haven’t been shown in at least 40 years! Today we have a preview – tomorrow, we’ll add more.


Here is the link to the gallery that accompanies this film:

Summermovie 1975 Photo Gallery



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This was the second Summer Media movie filmed at the historically haunted Graeme Park. It is a beautiful remake of the 1970 Summer Media Film, Portrait of a Lady.

This film is featured in the Cinekyd-Media 30-Year Retrospective Video:

30 Years of Filmmaking



Keep your eye on our calendar. We’ve added new movies to the list, and there are more exciting updates on the way.


3.JPGDon’t miss this spectacular Summer Media event.

Enjoy your movie!











Enjoy your movie.