Share Your Memories on the CMA Memory Wall.

Cinekyd Media Archive is a collection of memories.

In honor of Cinekyd’s fortieth birthday, we’re asking you to share yours.

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If you have a memory, message, photo, or other media you’d like to share, we’d love to see it and post it to the Memory Wall.


Simply fill out and submit this form:

And stay tuned for your message or media file to be posted here:

The Cinekyd-Media Archive Memory Wall

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You can choose your preferred brick style, too.


This is not a fundraiser. All bricks are free. Bricks are unlimited, so come back often.

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The wall will be constructed throughout 2016, so any time you have a memory to share, submit a form.

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Any questions or issues, please contact us at The Archive website, or email us:

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Thank you for the memories!