Movie Wednesday: 1996. Man with a Glass Eye.

Welcome to Movie Wednesday at The Archive!

We’ve shown this movie once before, and it’s back – by popular demand.

The Movie.

Mystery, science-fiction, and political intrigue.

Man with a Glass Eye



We have an impressive photo gallery, featuring production photos from Summer ’96:

Summermovie 1996 Photo Gallery.

More photos to come.

Behind the Scenes Videos.

We have the 1996 Summermovie Scrapbook Video, featuring behind the scenes and artistic short films produced during the summer of Man with a Glass Eye:


1996 Summermovie Scrabook Video: Part 1


1996 Summermovie Scrabook Video: Part 2

Want More 1996?

Our 1995-1996 Video library is now up to date, and more videos are on the way. While you’re checking out the ‘Glass Eye behind the scenes scrapbook video, please feel free to wander through our ’95-’96 video library, too.

Enjoy your movie!