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Royalty. Romance. Tragedy.


Ludwig II of Bavaria was generous, unique, and misunderstood. His magnificent castles were the few safe places he felt he belonged.

Sadly, in the end, even majestic palaces could not prevent the tragic and premature end of his life.

Today we’re presenting three very special videos from 1978’s Astrekynd: The Cinekyd Movie.

1. Castle Clip #1


2. Castle Clip #2


3. Castle Clip #3


These videos, which can be found in Astrekynd: The Cinekyd Movie, were filmed on location in Bavaria, Germany, by William Thomas, who stars as Lord Griswold in this film. Several of the castles shown were built by Bavaria’s Fairy Tale King, Ludwig II.


Neuschwanstein – or New Swan castle, inspired by Wagner’s Swan Knight, is perhaps King Ludwig’s most famous, as he is also remembered as the Swan King. Fantasy and mystery  surround Ludwig II, as he was an interesting, romantic, and beloved ruler in Bavaria’s history.

So come on, Cinekyds. Choose your favorite castle clip.

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Astrekynd BTS 1978

We’ve uploaded behind the scenes footage that is part of Astrekynd: the Cinekyd Movie. You can watch it right here, or on The Archive Website. This BTS footage will remain in the 1977-1978 video library, even after the movie returns to the Vault.


Don’t miss this beautiful film, showing through Tuesday, February 9th.