Friday Poll: Bicycle Dreams. Phantomos. 1977.

Welcome to this week’s Friday poll!

All three photos are from the 1977 Cinekyd movie, Phantomos.

Choose the photo depicting the most creative bike usage.

IMG_14411.Cross Country. Phantomos. 1977.

IMG_14402.Slash. Phantomos. 1977.

IMG_1442.JPG3. Cool Riders. Phantomos. 1977.

If you liked these photos, we have a growing assortment from Summer ’77 in our photo collections. Feel free to stop by and browse.

We’re showing Phantomos in two parts at The Archive until Wednesday, January 27th. Come on over and watch this great movie!

Voting ends Monday. Results announced Monday.

Thank you for voting. Have a safe and happy weekend!