Hero Friday Video Poll. Vote for the Clip of the Week. Villains: “Can’t stop what’s coming.”

Welcome back to Friday polls!

We return with a video edition. All clips are from the first segment of this week’s Movie, American Folk Heroes, made by the super talented Summer Media 1971 crew.

Which video shows the best villain’s defeat?

Here are three very short videos of villains getting their come-uppance. Most are arrogant. Some are cig-flickers. One guy beats himself up! All get what’s coming, because there’s no stopping that:

And now, on to the poll:

1. Thwarted. Jack Armstrong. 1971.


2. Self-destructed. The Shadow. 1971.


3. Titanium. Superman. 1971.


These clips are just a tidbit of the incredible full-length feature. Come on over to The Archive this week and watch this great flick!

Voting ends Monday. Results announced Monday. Thank you for your vote!

Have a great weekend!