Wild West Week: Day 3. True Grit.

Welcome to Hero Friday at The Archive, as well as the third day of our Wild West Week extravaganza.



Today, we’re bringing you two fantastic stories of the Old West, both produced by our elementary age students, and these movies aren’t for the faint of heart.

Robbery at Dry Gulch (1978)

Home on the Range (1982)

These films are added to the growing list of RLA masterpieces displayed proudly at The Archive. These films have the ingredients that make them artistically distinctive:  the striking shots, the powerful scripts, the strong acting performances, the meaningful pauses, and scenes with a measured pace bring to mind an Old West created by the late, great Stanley Kubrick.


Guns, baddies, goodies, hats, holsters, damsels in distress, and Cinekyd’s own version of the Valley of Ashes.


In Robbery at Dry Gulch, a horrendous crime had been committed and the town had to fight back. This movie had just the right amount of grittiness and heroism. Those cowboys opened a metal door and ran down the fire escape of the original Cinekyd building in a tense scene; these were deliberate anachronisms that would make Baz Luhrmann proud.

Home on the Range contained several short stories of western pioneers. In Gold Fever, the lust for gold attracted some shady characters; in The Robbery, cool heads did not prevail. There were fabulous shoot ’em up scenes, and (because the corn syrup and red food coloring were plentiful that summer) some bloodshed for good measure.

We’ll be back on Monday with another installment of Wild West Week.


Have a great weekend!