Boots and Saddles. 1995. Wild West Week Begins.

Welcome to Wild West Week!

It’s also Movie Wednesday at The Archive.

We’re kicking things off with this beautiful story of the American West.

Boots and Saddles


An extraordinary hero, a loving family in peril, courageous law enforcement and townsfolk, villains audiences love to hate, a guardian angel mentor, and some of the best performances in Cinekyd and Media film history.


We also have a Boots and Saddles photo gallery taken during the making of the film:

1995 Summermovie Photo Gallery


… and there are more photos to come.

In our Summer 1995 video collection, we’ve also added the behind the scenes video of the construction of Gordonville, which was used for the first time for Boots and Saddles and many other productions after 1995:

1995: Construction of Gordonville

Finally, we’ve added the scrapbook video compilation of creative and behind the scenes productions created during Summer ’95:

Summermovie 1995 Scrapbook

We’ll be adding media from this genre each weekday through January 12th, so stay tuned:

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Enjoy your movie.