Photo of the Week: 12.18.2015

Here they are, the FOUR possible photos of the week.

Which one will it be?

That’s up to you.

Sum81071. Saved the Day. Gargantua. 1981.

Sum8102.jpg2. Cigar Box Surprise. Gargantua. 1981.

Sum8108.jpg3. Bow Tie Envy. Gargantua. 1981.

Sum8103.jpg4. Today’s Lesson: I’m Awesome. Gargantua. 1981.

Gargantua is our movie of the week. Stop over and see it. We also have a great start to the Summermovie 1981 Photo Gallery over at The Archive. Take a peek at terrific photos taken during production of this film.

Polls close Monday. Results announced Monday.

Thank you for voting!