Movie Wednesday. Gargantua. 1981.

Welcome to Movie Wednesday at The Archive.

Today, and this week, we’re featuring Gargantua, the giant teddy bear.


This fuzzy fella makes a perfect addition to the holiday season.

We’re also featuring 2 behind the scenes videos produced during the Summer of ’81:

1981 Summermovie Gargantua Full BTS Documentary

1981 Summermovie Gargantua Mini BTS Documentary


And, we have the Summermovie 1981 Photo Gallery. This collection of  photos is just the beginning. More are on the way.

Here is the original blog post (scroll down to the “Giant Teddy Bears” blog PDF link) when Gargantua was first shown on The Archive.


An evil scientist, an experiment gone wrong, a courageous young hero, sharp detectives, and respectable, truth-seeking journalists. What a story!


Gargantua was an adorable, suspenseful, roller-coaster of emotions flick. Don’t miss it.


Enjoy your movie!