Summermovie 2002 Scrapbook Video Added.

Wednesday, we presented the 2002 Summermovie production: White Feather for Movie Wednesday.

7.17 174.JPG

We also have a massive photo gallery available for that year:

Summermovie 2002 Photo Gallery

7.17 156

Today, we’ve added the behind-the-scenes and creative short video collection created during that summer production:

Summermovie Scrapbook 2002

Summermovie scrapbook videos are treasures that capture the spirit of each summer. Each short video offers a glimpse into the making of the film, and shows how much fun it was to work together to create something spectacular.

This video is brand new to The Archive.

We’ll be re-uploading our previous video collection and adding more new videos soon. Stay tuned.