Photo of the Week. Handiest Grizz.

Happy Friday!

Lord Griswold.

This distinguished mischief-maker likely read the Forbes article Great Leaders Talk with Their Hands.

Today we’re presenting 3 Lord Griswold photos.

You choose the best gesture.

“The Chin Tickle.” 1973. Legend of the Astrekynd.
1974. Revenge of the Astrekynd.
“No Photos, Please.” 1974. Revenge of the Astrekynd.
“Talk to the Hand.” 1978. Astrekynd. The Cinekyd Movie.

We have added the photo galleries for these movies. Come on over and visit our photo gallery and take a peek!

Voting ends Monday.

Results of this poll and this week’s Mystery photo will be announced on Monday.

Have a wonderful weekend!