What is Your Most Memorable Cinekyd or Media Halloween Event?

Cinekyd and the Media program had many traditions, especially for Halloween.

The Fall Bazaar. The unbelievable haunted house. Scary Movie Night favorites like House of Wax and The Abominable Dr. Phibes!


As the years went by, the annual Halloween Horror Spooktacular became a new tradition. Costumes, scary movie clips, and Halloween games were always part of this event.


In October of 2004, Cinekyd held its last Halloween Horror Spooktacular.

horror2004002horror2004001 horror2004003


horror2004007  horror2004009 horror2004010 horror2004011 horror2004012 horror2004013 horror2004015 horror2004016 horror2004017 horror2004019 horror2004020 horror2004021Can you remember a memorable Cinekyd or Media Halloween event?

Tell us about it.