TGIF! 1985-1986 Video Gallery Restored.

Happy Friday!

We’ve re-uploaded the video gallery for 1985-1986:


1985-1986 public service production: just for fun

1986 ask albert: looking young

1986 dance marathon: promo

1986 dance marathon: 8pm hour clip

1986 celebrity interview: henry brandon

1986 camp cinekyd: the incredible dr. time

1986 babes in toyland

1986 summermovie: odyssey through time documentary

1986 summermovie promo: the ancestors

1986 summermovie: the ancestors bts

1986 Summermovie: the ancestors bts: acting the cinekyd way

1986 summermovie: the ancestors bts: cinekyd a kid’s point of view


Have a terrific weekend!