Movie Wednesday! Ludwig 1990

Welcome to Movie Wednesday!

Fire walk with us as the Archive presents a Twin Peak-tastic special movie event.

This week, we’re offering one of Cinekyd’s most unusual films, presented as a beautifully produced Cinekyd Television Theatre special episode.



This ‘Cine-cult classic’ was filmed during the summer of 1990 on the Cinekyd studio sets, and on location in scenic UM Township and in summer’s paradise: Ocean City, New Jersey.

We’ve also re-uploaded our 1990 Summermovie Photo Gallery. More photos to come!


David Lynch would likely envy the strange and wonderful characters, the unsettling horror, and spellbinding dream sequences.


If you like thrills, suspense, and the paranormal, you’ll love this film.

Don’t forget the official Cinekyd Movie Intro video. Watching this before a movie is a Cinekyd Media Archive tradition.

Enjoy your movie!